Substitution fielders - Are they being over-used?

posted on 2018-04-29 22:27:16
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When Dhoni asked rayudu to come back while walking off the field due to injury....

CSK has made a terrific comeback to this tournament in spite of having to bear a lot of injury woes making them to change the team structure completely.. While this article might seem totally irrelevant to the situation, it has a lot of things that the field era need to think while fielding. Ambati rayudu has had a whirlwind of a tournament so far having score 283 runs from 6 matches. During the match 17 of IPL 2018, CSK's saviour of the tournament Ambati rayudu was hit on his knee by a fast travelling ball when he was fielding in the cover region. The commentators ridiculed csk for having a possibility of another injury for the 4th time in as may matches. And immediately the physio arrived and checked the limping rayudu. Before the over could be finished, Rayudu walked off the field and the umpires didn’t look like they had any say on this. But the CAPTAIN COOL wasn’t clearly happy with this. He didn’t want the momentum to shift and asked rayudu to stay in the field – NO excuses!

This puts the lights on injury woes of this cash rich tournament and the umpire's say on having a control over the substitute fielders. In the recent past we’ve seen lot of players battling their injuries to win matches for their teams. But sometimes we get the feeling that are the substitutes being over used? For example during the first day of test match between Australia and India during the 2017 test series, Matt Renshaw walked off while batting halfway because he wanted to use the toilet! The ICC in its recent modification of substitute roles allowed wicket keepers to substitute the injure wicket keepers only with the proper consent of umpires. The rules further says the substitute fielders are allowed only if the injury is serious and with the proper consent of the umpire. If the fielders start to walk off the field for small silly reasons, the captain is not able to make his fielding plans clear as now he needs to think about a new place for the new fielder.

The ICC must now take measures on role of umpire to determine the extent of injury of the fielder and then allow the substitute fielder to come in.

Author : Shyam Krishna

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